OPENJet is a state-of-the-art multi-module web-based solution linking patients, providers, and payers to efficiently manage transactions in a timely manner.

With the main focus on the user, OPENJet has evolved to be a user-friendly solution where new functionalities are continuously added, keeping user demands in view. A rich database is maintained and updated as per the healthcare authorities’ requirements. Additionally, full admin management of users is supported and notifications can be tailored to suit the particular requests and needs of the end users.

By the end of 2015, OPENJet operated across 537 hospitals, medical centres, and clinics, and 688 pharmacies processing 3.5 million patient records. A total of 4447 users have managed to successfully process 4.3 million transactions.

By the end of the first quarter of 2016, OPENJet had processed 2.8 million transactions.

OPENJet offers providers a complete set of tools to simplify workflows while ensuring maximum productivity and the highest efficiency.

Pharmacies :

We help pharmacies simplify approval requests, reduce the waiting time for patients, and maximize productivity and efficiency.

OPENJet is a pharmacy-friendly solution, evolving with the pace of technology and the ever-increasing complex regulatory environments for pharmacies to operate within their existing workflow, simplifying it and improving its efficiency by enabling the submission of approval requests for prescribed medicines. The flexible tools available in OPENJet offer the ability to correct any submitted requests if needed or cancel them if they are not yet claimed to ensure efficiency and the maximum amount of productivity. Furthermore, the history for all approval requests can be checked.

Pharmacy users can be registered online, where the assigned admin users can manage and track other providers’ requests and users.

To further enhance the experience for pharmacies and to introduce value added solutions, we have recently launched our “Authorized Distributor” program. More information can be found under Authorized Distributor > Pharmacy Solutions.

Please be advised that we are rolling out the new version of OPENJet in stages. This new version includes new features like enhanced claims submission, support for all payers and many other value added features.

Kindly contact our Authorized Distributor Software Alliance Tel 02-631-1393 for further information and to book a seat in one of our free seminars.

You will still be able to use the current version of OPENJet and we will notify you during the seminar when to upgrade to the new version.

Hospitals, medical centres, and clinics :

We offer hospitals, medical centres, and clinics top notch tools for eligibility check and prior medical authorization requests in addition to prescription requests.

OPENJet is customized for every need to guarantee appropriate compensation by payers and patients for the medical services rendered. Therefore, world class tools that facilitate real-time verification of patient eligibility are developed where registered users can perform eligibility checks for patients based on their Emirates-ID or Insurance Card number. Additionally, provider registered users can keep a track of the eligibility requests and manage the accounts of their related users and clinicians with ease.

Moreover, an advanced service is available that enables users to submit prior medical authorization requests, corrections or complaints for medical services related to inpatient, outpatient, dental, day-care, and any other service that requires prior authorizations. This in turn simplifies the complex insurance rules related to patients’ benefits coverage.

Payers :

We aim to support payers with member engagements, administrative efficiency, and payment accuracy.

OPENJet fulfils the needs of the payers by having a stable and a reliable platform where they can perform system health checks through the eligibility check monitor and manage provider requests for prior authorizations. This helps optimize transactions, prevent fraud and abuse through analytics and dashboards, thus causing a substantial reduction in costs.