Healthcare Data Exchange

inHealth has a proven, international healthcare data exchange technology that brings agility, solves current healthcare business challenges, and proactively addresses issues that the business may face in the future. Coming from the region, inHealth adds local knowledge and experience in setting up an efficient healthcare data exchange service. Our end-to-end solution goes from setting up the healthcare standards, till the setup of the subsequent technology architecture to automate those standards.

The healthcare data exchange solution is a single integrated, complete, off-the-shelf software with an architecture specifically engineered for healthcare (Regulators, Payers and Providers) and is based on modeling and configurations instead of program coding, which yields significant reductions in required effort, while improving the overall quality.

The solution connects multiple medical providers with multiple health insurance payers, enabling a dynamic and configurable exchange of healthcare specific transactions. Examples of transactions are claims, remittance advices, pre-authorizations, eligibility checks, member registrations but also clinical content is supported. It facilitates seamless handling and correlation of administrative and clinical transaction sets while validating and routing them. On top of pre-configured transactions, this solution has the ability of configuring any kind of healthcare messages without the need for additional program coding.

Our end-to-end solution is benchmarked to implement international best practices and offers distinctive features including:

  1. Unparalleled long-term viability
    The solution is engineered for both adoption of changes and for future expansion, without the need to change the underlying technology. It provides the foundation and the infrastructure needed to enable future policy making and monitoring by having an in-depth view of all healthcare transactions in the country or individual organization.
  2. Very swift implementation
    The solution can be up and running for a complex implementation in 4–6 months, which is only possible because of full configurability of the solution (as opposed to custom software development).
  3. Significant reduction of risk
    By using a proven, highly secure, scalable, specialized, off-the-shelf solution, the risk of having to custom develop the software required for the healthcare data exchange solution is eliminated. This off-the-shelf solution has been implemented in more than 300 healthcare organizations worldwide, supports more than 200 million members, handles real-time processing of 500,000,000 transactions per year for one reference customer only and is the market leader at healthcare payers in United Arab Emirates.
  4. Proven best practices and expertise
    Learn and avoid mistakes that were made elsewhere (also from other countries) with the support of those experts that have actually done it.
  5. 5. Immediate access to crucial and additional functionality
    The software solution will provide instant access to vital features such as:

    • Various standard dashboards that give full visibility on all transactions
    • Tracking and tracing of individual transactions, correlated to other transactions (from for instance the same payer, provider and member)
    • Extensive support for handling denials and appeals
    • Capabilities to manage different providers and payers simultaneously